The Ultimate Vegan Layer Dip

Whether you’re watching a ballgame or hosting movie night, your guests will love every layer of this bold dairy-free dip. With beans, guacamole and O’dang Lemon Garlic Mayo, our Ultimate Vegan Layer Dip is packed with protein, healthy fats, and flavor without any cholesterol, added sugars, or artificial preservatives. Whatever your reason for entertaining is, this dish is best enjoyed by a hungry crowd!



  • sweet corn
  • black olives
  • cilantro


  • To layer the bean dip, using a shallow dish of choice (bowl, baking dish) start with a layer of beans, spreading to the edges. Next, repeat with a layer of guacamole, O’dang Vegan Mayo - Lemon Garlic, and salsa
  • Next, add the corn, tomatoes and olives. Top with cilantro
  • Pair with your favorite tortilla chips