Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find O’dang Foods products?? You can find our chickpea salad dressings and vegan mayonnaise in grocery stores nationwide! Check out our Store Locator, and if you don’t find one close enough for comfort, you can order directly from us to bring the hummus revolution right to your doorstep.
  • Help! I found the closest grocery store, but don’t know which part of the store will have O’dang’s delicious plant-based condiments. Head towards your grocery store’s salad dressing / condiment aisle, which is usually right in the middle of the store (probably ‘cause it’s so important)..
  • O’Dang! My local grocery store doesn’t seem to carry your delicious plant-based salad dressings and vegan mayos. How can I fix that?  First of all, we like your style. Share the plant-based condiment revolution with your local community by asking the manager of your store to bring in the brand! You can also call their customer service line, or write to to them on social media (feel free to tag us in any comment sections @ odangfoods).
  • Where can I find the nutrition facts for each product?  You can find a list of ingredients as well as exactly how low the calories, fat, and sodium are in each serving of our delicious O’dang condiment by visiting our product page and clicking through the images of each flavor. Just a heads up - our products are pretty dang good for you.
  • What is Nisin? Nisin is a natural food preservative deemed safe and approved by the FDA. It’s been used to preserve food for well over 50 years.
  • Are your products vegan? Yes, we carry vegan products! Our vegan salad dressing flavors are Greek Tzatziki, Roasted Red Pepper, and Classic Mediterranean. All four of our delicious egg-free and dairy-free mayo flavors are vegan. Check them out to get all the flavor without any of the dairy!
  • Are your products Gluten Free? Yes! all of our product are Gluten Free!
  • Where do you get your chickpeas? All of our chickpea condiments use 100% real, all-natural, American-grown chickpeas. We’re just as dang serious about sourcing our ingredients as we are about making delicious plant-based condiments. 
  • Where do you make O’Dang Hummus products? O’Dang products are made with a ton of love in the United States!
  • What do I put O’dang dressings and condiments on? Salads are popular for our dressings, and sandwiches are popular for our vegan mayos, but hear us when we tell you that you can put O’dang chickpea condiments on dang near anything. Use it as a dip or a marinade, let it spice up all your favorite dishes! We love to see the creative ways you use our products, visit our social pages @ odangfoods for inspiration from fellow O’dang adventurers, and check out our creative recipes.
  • So, are O’dang Foods products … hummus?
    O’dang products are similar to hummus in the sense that they are chickpea-based condiments, but they’re not exactly hummus. O’dang Foods’ vegan mayos and healthy condiments are creamy, rich, flavorful blends that can be used as dips, spreads, dressings, and recipe ingredients. So instead of hummus, think of O’dang Foods like hummus’ cousin - but the super cool cousin that you always hang out with at family gatherings.
  • Didn’t I see you guys on Shark Tank?
    Good memory! We did take a swim in the tank in 2015 and even negotiated a deal, which was awesome!
  • What is aquafaba?
    If you’ve ever opened a can of chickpeas and seen the water that they sit in, then you’ve seen aquafaba! It’s the viscous water in which our chickpeas have been cooked. We use aquafaba made from real chickpeas in our vegan mayos so that they are dairy-free, egg-free, and delicious.