O'dang Mission

We love a really good dressing (we mean lick-the-plate, eat-it-by-the-spoonful, kind of good dressing). But our waistlines and bodies didn’t love the crazy calorie counts, tons of fat, artificial ingredients, and other other not-so-good stuff in so many of the salad dressings out there. So we did what any sane dressing-lover would do and decided to create our own.

The hummus revolution started when we discovered that the delightful, unassuming chickpea could bring the bold flavors we loved to the same creamy, rich dressings with zero artificial fillers and a lot more nutritional value. We are always making our plant-based condiments tastier and better, proving to the world that eating healthy is fun and delicious.

Our plant-based salad dressings and vegan mayonnaise will call out to your inner culinary adventurer - the great frontier of creativity, quality ingredients, and plant-based flavor awaits! 

We love (like, reeeeally love) a good dressing. The problem was that we had a hard time finding any without fillers and soaring calorie counts. So, we did what any sane person would do—started a company and made our own.

Using chickpeas we’re able to deliver bright, bold flavors in a rich, creamy dressing—without all the artificial stuff you don’t want. We hope that our dressings inspire our fans to find their inner culinary adventurer, discovering amazing new flavors through creativity and quality ingredients.

Why Chickpeas?

Introducing the star of our show, chickpeas. It turns out that magic beans do exist, in the form of these objectively adorable little legumes. Jam-packed with vitamins, nutrients, and protein, chickpeas are known to support healthy digestion, healthy blood sugar levels, and healthy weight maintenance - that’s a lot of “healthy”!

Beyond playing a leading role in the nutritional value of our condiments, chickpeas are also to thank for the luxurious, creamy texture that our dressings and vegan mayos are known for, creating a stellar base for our plant-based condiments without any dairy or artificial thickeners.

Combine all of those incredible properties with the rest of our cast of ingredients, and it’s showtime! You’ve got a massively flavorful chickpea condiment that you can pour, spread, and dollop without worrying about sodium, sugar, or unpronounceable ingredients. With a variety of flavors (many of them vegan!) our chickpea salad dressings and dairy-free mayo will change how you think about condiments - but it all starts with those little chickpeas.

Innovation Through Simplicity

Inspired by the hardworking, wholesome chickpea, we built our philosophy that if you start with natural, nutritious, high-quality ingredients, you don’t have to mess with them too much. Our processes treat the ingredients in our recipes gently, allowing them to retain their incredible natural flavors and health benefits all the way to the finish-line, where they’re captured in our bottles and jars in delicious dairy-free mayonnaises and healthy chickpea salad dressings.

The result is a clean-label product with big, bold flavors! Because we prioritize the ingredients, there’s no limit to the delicious innovations, creative recipes, and plant-based condiment possibilities we can discover and introduce to our product line! 

Your body - and the planet - will thank you!

While we’re experts on food, we don’t know as much about science… but studies have shown that plant-based diets can contribute to stronger hearts, less inflamation, and healthier body weight. And, since it takes more than 10x as much fossil energy and 100x more water to produce animal protein than plant protein, plant-based is easier on the planet, too! Speaking of keeping the planet in mind, O’dang vegan mayos use chickpea aquafaba and contain no palm oil, which contributes to deforestation. Who knew that delicious plant-based condiments could create so much good in the world?