Meet the brains behind the operation


Jesse Wolfe is 1 cup entrepreneur, ¾ cup aspiring chef, ½ cup motivational speaker, 2 Tbsp. nerd, and dash of risk taker. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes and let cool

Jesse moved to Orlando from his hometown of Kent, Ohio with ambitions of becoming an over-night success (31 years in the making). He founded O’Dang Hummus in his last year pursuing his BA from the University of Central Florida in Business Management and Entrepreneurship: GO KNIGHTS! He became obsessed with creating BFY (better-for-you) food that was not only healthy but had to taste delicious! Oh and pretty dang cool branding unlike any other health food has done before! His hummus journey included several business plan competitions, tons of chickpeas (seriously), awesome coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Medium, ProjectNOSH, CNBC and even a swim in the “tank” on ABC’s Shark Tank Season 7.

You can find Jesse playing “Chopped” in his home kitchen, getting over his fear of flying while traveling the country spreading hummus, and motivating future entrepreneurs to chase their own dreams! 

From Farmers Markets to the Whole Country!

2013 O’Dang Hummus was created and founded by Jesse Wolfe during Christmas break from the University of Central Florida while recovering from wisdom tooth surgery. During recovery Jesse quickly got tired of eating chicken noodle soup and delicious milkshakes, so he turned to eating hummus by the spoon. The problem was he craved epic buffalo wings, still not able to chew, he searched every local grocery store for a buffalo wing hummus and turned out nothing existed. He spent the entire week off turning his college apartment into a test kitchen making all kinds of hummus dips, some legendary like our famous Buffalo Wing while others that didn’t quite…ugh work out.

“OH DANG! you gotta try this new flavor” or “OH DANG this one is CRAZY delicious!” would often be the pitch line to convince friend and family stopping by to try the new concoctions. They fell in love with the new dips and started asking Jesse to make more of it! That’s when it hit him- how was hummus exploding in popularity with only 6 classic flavors, and why were they eating his hummus but refused to eat the other brands? It was all attributed to the crazy fun new flavors and fresh premium quality of his hummus dips, and the idea of O’Dang Hummus was born.

After classes resumed for Spring, Jesse had to complete a business plan writing class at UCF and used his idea of being the “Ben and Jerry’s” of hummus concept. He went on to compete in the year end UCF Joust Business Competition with the idea where he placed 3rd. Proving with a few more business competition wins that people were DEMANDING fun and delicious new varieties of hummus he set out to launch O’Dang Hummus in local farmers markets. Spending that summer in farmers markets and with massive lines the city of Orlando voted: delicious fun hummus was a huge hit!

From those very first farmers market, to his first grocery store, to an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, and now sold nationwide, Jesse has never lost focus on his mission: To make really dang tasty health food fun AND delicious for the entire world to fall in love with. One Chickpea at a time!