Create your own 6-Pack of O'dang Dressing

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Create your own O’dang dressing 6-pack!
We get it - one bottle of O’dang Foods chickpea salad dressing is NOT enough. Build your own 6-Pack of your favorite flavors and get them sent directly to your kitchen (OK, so they’ll technically show up on your doorstep, but you get the picture).

All of our dressings are made with high quality, authentic, non-GMO ingredients, they have no artificial fillers, and bold, bright flavors that will zest up any home recipe. Is your mouth watering too? That’s because your wildest plant-based, flavor-packed, good-for-you salad dressing dreams are about to come true!

Explore new flavors or stock up on the ones you already know you love. You chose wisely when you chose O’dang Foods, so you can’t go wrong from here!