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Found a Favorite That had Disappeared.

Extremely happy with that my order arrived safely after two week delay in transit due winter storms with below freezing temperatures. No longer able to find O'Dang in my local stores so very pleased I was able to stock up.

Love this stuff!!!

I finally found a dressing I absolutely love and my grocery store isn’t selling it anymore 😭 I’m so glad I could order it directly from you guys!!! Thank you!!

Old Product

The Best Buy date for 3 of the 4 bottles I received were less than 14 days from the day my order arrived.

Poor Customer Service

I received 4 jars that would expire in less than 2 weeks. I tried contacting the company through their online customer service and never heard back. I also called and left a message with no return call. Very disappointed in this company.

Expired date


Products are good, but there was a miss package.

The products I received are good, only problem I had was they sent me 2 caesar dressings instead of a ceasar and a garlic mayo as was requested and even on the packing slip. I have emailed them but have not gotten a response.


Our local Publix stopped selling O'Dang Mayo and it's the ONLY mayo that is truly safe for our allergic family. Imagine when I found out that I could order directly from the manufacturer!❤️ Extremely pleased with this product and will be ordering again soon.

Best dressing and best customer service

I love the balsamic feta dressing, it is the best tasting, healthiest, lowest calorie dressing I have ever found. I ordered eight bottles, but somehow only four bottles arrived. I emailed odang, and they quickly emailed back, caught the problem, and said they would send the other bottles immediately. And when I opened the box, there were two extra bottles for me as a thank you. I wish every company were like odang!!!!!

Delicious- every flavor tried!

Horrible customer service

I ordered 8 bottles and only received 4. I’ve emailed the company two times now and have yet to hear back. The order prior to that the bottles came in broken. I emailed and no response however I did receive a replacement. Communication would be nice. Please send me out my 4 bottles I’m still missing!

I wish more bottles could come in a pack!

only dressing I ever need ever again in my life

This product literally saved my life. Ove never liked salad or other dressings much but this product specifically is incredible. Thank you so much for bringing it back.

Create Your Own O’dang 4-Pack

Red Pepper Mayo came out of date

I ordered the 4 pack and the red pepper mayo I ordered came out of date. I have pics and tried to contact via the message page on the O'dang website, only to receive an error that message was not sent for some reason. I made multiple attempts to contact them, only to end in the same result. Everything else is fine, just dissappointed I couldn't try the red pepper mayo due to no fault of my own. I was most excited about that flavor. Would happily change my review to higher if someone would get in contact with me to fix the issue. After seeing some more reviews, I'm not necessarily surprised.

Order never received

Says it was delivered and it was not. No shipping information was provided so I can’t have PO look for it. Very disappointing.

4-pack hummus dressing

Ordered a 4-pack of hummus dressing and the 'best by' date was less than one month after receiving them. Requests for a refund went unanswered. Will not order again.

The package never made it to my home. I've submitted a claim to the delivery service but haven't heard back. Is there a way to have a replacement sent?

Maynoise is terrible

The salad dressings were fantastic, but the maynoise is terrible

Where is Red Pepper Hummus Dressing

Why can't I buy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Dressing in the 4-pack?! Would buy four of these right now if I could!! :( Best salad dressing I've ever had and now can't find in stores!

Other flavors

What happened to the other flavors of salad dressings? Can I order more than what you had listed? Have you discontinued any?
I really like most of your salad dressings.

Create Your Own O’dang 4-Pack

Balsamic Hummus Salad Dressing

Best salad dressing EVER! Healthy, low fat, and it tastes amazing!

Create Your Own O’dang 4-Pack
Gerda Sampson James
I loved it

Creating my own 4pack gave me the choice to try different flavors so I can be more versatile with my choices


I think this is a wonderful product;... but pricey..even worse the dating is very short, and if u try to contact them THEY NEVER RESPOND
cant find in any stores in dfw area